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a public health campaign

The thing about organ donations

Two thirds of Germans are open to the idea of their organs being transplanted after their passing. But only a third carries the "Organspendeausweis" necessary to to give consent. Close relatives can theoretically allow such a procedure at the time of death, but this question is - understandably - rarely brought up by doctors in time due to the sensitive nature of the topic.

All about attention

This campaign is aimed at those 40% of Germans that would do it, but never get to it. Contrasting the familiar image of a common vice with a health-conscious message makes the viewer think for a second. Enough to remind them of the concept and providing more resources for those interested.

An exercise in detailing

Although I don't typically work in photo editing or the physical advertising field, I really enjoyed getting the labels to look exactly like the real thing.
Examining every detail of these has made me appreciate packaging design and realise that branding in this industry goes far beyond a logo.

Iterations, iterations...

An important part of the design process' ideation stage is iterating rapidly. Trying many possible directions early on to make an informed decision on concept. Then being able to execute on the details with confidence.

The idea of mock-ads came up relatively late in the process. On the way there, I considered many alternatives. Here are some:

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