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Aivy Anforderungs-analyse
an hr survey

An AI-assisted hiring solution

Aivy GmbH provides HR solutions and helps companies look beyond a candidates CV.

A company looking to hire fills out a questionnaire about the open position. Potential candidates play mini games in an app, that quantifies their style of problem solving and personality.
Aivy then calculates a match score to assists in the early stages of hiring.

The task at hand

To build a meaningful profile about an open position, 26 personality dimensions are queried from 3 or more employees familiar with the position. A dimension is rated on a scale from 1 to 9 and the results averaged.

It was critical to ensure that the design promotes no biases and communicate the questionaires usefulness to its users. Before the redesign, this part of the process was a major pain point for customers. Employees often did not see the value in changing the established hiring processes and viewed this step as an unnecessary obstacle.

The new design matches Aivy's modern asthetic, communicates clearly through hints and explanations and is also available on mobile for the first time.

Interning as a senior designer

As part of my bachelor's degree I did a 6 month internship at Aivy. Since Aivy is a 10 person company, I was the only employee with a UI/UX focus.

I learned to work closely with other stakeholders, gather their requirements for projects and go through feedback cycles. With a fair amount of responsibility in a fast moving startup environment.

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